An Eye For An Eye
“You deserve this pain. But don’t think this will be the end of it. I’m going to make you regret you were ever involved with us. I will make you suffer the way we suffer.”
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New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


After she was done she came back in and took the bowl from him, setting it aside. “Is there anything you need before bed Akito-Sama?”

"No, I will be fine" he whispered leaning his head back before putting one of his hands over his eyes.

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


She looked out the window to see the sun starting to set. Had it already been that amount of time? It was her first day and yet it had gone by so fast. She smiled as she looked back to him. She had really enjoyed herself. “Well… While you finish your soup Akito-Sama I am going to go down the hall to my room and get it ready for bed… I still haven’t unpacked my stuff…” She stood up as she bowed. “I shall be right back…” She left the room.

Akito nodded nervously watching her go before going back to playing with his soup, he listened to the sound of her rustling about as he slowly finished it off, probably the first meal he had finished in awhile.

Wedding Day


皆川 素子;  ”I the tease? Well look who’s talking, the one who was just complaining about his height,” she smirked as she cocked her head to the side mockingly. 


"Well, I married someone who is freakishly tall" he said pouting childishly.

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New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


She handed him the soup. “Let me know how it tastes…”

"Well it smells wonderful" he said softly before nervously sipping at the soup.


"Kei?" he asked.  If that was the name that Akito wanted to go with, he would respect her wishes.  "Kei will be a lovely name," he nodded.

Akito beamed at the praise “thank you, I hope he looks like you Hatori!”

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marco has had a stupid crush on jean for a long time but he never acted on it bc he values their friendship more but then one night they get drinkies and start messing around owowoaoaoahhoah

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


After a few moments she returned with soup. “Here you are Akito-Sama..” She knelt by him as she set the soup down and held out her hands to him. “Come on… You need to sit up so you can eat something…”

Akito slowly sat up with her help, he sighed softly before inhaling deeply, the soup smelt wonderful, better then that his usual maids made him.

@thejuunishileader - The chicken and the God


She froze and tried to stop herself from shaking. Y-Yes Akito-sama.” She nodded. 

"Now go help the whore if it pleases you."

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


She finished washing his hair as she rinsed him off. She helped him out as she dried him off. She wrapped a towel around his waist as she helped him back to his room. “Don’t move… I don’t wish for you to fall…” She opened his closet as she got him a clean kimono as well as clean boxers. “Here you are Akito-Sama…” She dressed him as she then used the towel to dry his hair. “There… All clean…” She stood up. “I shall go make you some dinner alright?”

The god allowed her to drag him along staying still whenever she stopped moving, he allowed her to dress him keeping his eyes closed. He trembled slightly fingers clutching onto the kimono, he nodded slowly moving to his bed again, Akito brought his knees to his chest closing his eyes for a moment.”

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


She continued to wash him up. “And? That is still no reason to treat you this way… Everyone makes mistakes… But it is obvious that you aren’t feeling well…” She checked over his body to make sure he was clean before starting to wash his hair. She used her nails as she gently massaged the shampoo into his scalp. 

He leaned into her touch biting his lip softly, Akito enjoyed the way her hands felt on his head, he found himself to be very happy for the first time in quite awhile.