An Eye For An Eye
“You deserve this pain. But don’t think this will be the end of it. I’m going to make you regret you were ever involved with us. I will make you suffer the way we suffer.”
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New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)

She tilted her head. “Are you ok? You don’t have a headache do you?”

"I always have a headache" he mumbled frowning softly at her "to me, life is just one big never ending headache."

.:Taking Yuki’s Place:.

—{真鍋 翔} He’s starting to lose consciousness now for the pain was starting to be too much to bear. There are words and sounds, both soft and hurtful in their own right, being exchanged. Entering his ear and exiting without being registered at all, Manabe loosened his grip on the ground. To be here, to be in pain, to be told these hurtful words, maybe —-

                             —- maybe it was alright. After all, to grow as a person, I suppose it’s okay to hurt another being. Then… then you learn. You that hurting someone won’t make you feel better. — I hope you learn that, Akito. To him, it doesn’t matter how long or how much he has to be hurt. He won’t falter, not yet at least. Not ever if he could choose, but, of course, he is a human being like all of them; human beings who deserved love, solace, and most of all happiness. Happiness that didn’t matter if it lasted for only a moment.

Before he can black out, Kakeru mentally apologized for causing Kureno pain. However, he knew that he was already forgiven.

" If …" pause, " you are truly happy," he tries his hardest to conjure a small smile, " then I am glad." Figures going blurry now, Kakeru finds himself in less physical pain.


                                                                    ” Please, stay happy.

Akito froze and slowly looked down at Kakeru “don’t you dare go to sleep! You don’t have permission!” he shouted at him pulling him up by his hair.

"Wake up! Open your eyes! Now! Stop being stupid and acting like this! You know what I did was for the best! Now stop!" he started kicking Kakeru throwing a temper tantrum.

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Target —- > A C Q U I R E D /// @theflyingpotchirps




The god smirking a bit as he also approached the other man, he quickly ducked swinging one leg out and taking Kakeru off of his feet, the bullet grazed his shoulder barley and with all the adrenaline pumping through his system he didn’t feel it anymore. 

Akito wrapped his hands around Kakeru’s neck smirking down at him as his body trembled “you can die now you stupid son of a bitch.”

—{真鍋 翔} He knew. He knew that right now was the chance to make or break. Bullet wounds to the arms and legs would only keep him alive for a few more minutes, that is if he got some medical attention quickly. The lack of air didn’t seem to help with that at all, either. However, he found himself quite comfortable knowing that he was to die at the hands equally skilled, or even better, than him. 

                       —But, I won’t let that happen. Not without fighting back. Not yet. Not yet!


His vision shifting from blurry to fairly clear from the lack of air reaching his lungs, Kakeru made one last effort to reach for the dagger. One second,two seconds, three seconds, four…. there.

"I won’t die. Not yet."

Akito’s breathing was heavy, his vision was going blurry and he knew he was covered in blood, why wouldn’t the stupid son of a bitch die yet! He coughed up a little blood on him while he pressed down weakly, he was trying to stay professional despite barely being able to keep his head up.

He felt himself go limp, he felt himself collapse on top of Kakeru, but it didn’t seem real, he didn’t want to believe that he was dying.

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


After she was done she came back in and took the bowl from him, setting it aside. “Is there anything you need before bed Akito-Sama?”

"No, I will be fine" he whispered leaning his head back before putting one of his hands over his eyes.

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


She looked out the window to see the sun starting to set. Had it already been that amount of time? It was her first day and yet it had gone by so fast. She smiled as she looked back to him. She had really enjoyed herself. “Well… While you finish your soup Akito-Sama I am going to go down the hall to my room and get it ready for bed… I still haven’t unpacked my stuff…” She stood up as she bowed. “I shall be right back…” She left the room.

Akito nodded nervously watching her go before going back to playing with his soup, he listened to the sound of her rustling about as he slowly finished it off, probably the first meal he had finished in awhile.

Wedding Day


皆川 素子;  ”I the tease? Well look who’s talking, the one who was just complaining about his height,” she smirked as she cocked her head to the side mockingly. 


"Well, I married someone who is freakishly tall" he said pouting childishly.

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New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


She handed him the soup. “Let me know how it tastes…”

"Well it smells wonderful" he said softly before nervously sipping at the soup.


"Kei?" he asked.  If that was the name that Akito wanted to go with, he would respect her wishes.  "Kei will be a lovely name," he nodded.

Akito beamed at the praise “thank you, I hope he looks like you Hatori!”

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marco has had a stupid crush on jean for a long time but he never acted on it bc he values their friendship more but then one night they get drinkies and start messing around owowoaoaoahhoah

New Servant/AU RP (@ thejuunishileader)


After a few moments she returned with soup. “Here you are Akito-Sama..” She knelt by him as she set the soup down and held out her hands to him. “Come on… You need to sit up so you can eat something…”

Akito slowly sat up with her help, he sighed softly before inhaling deeply, the soup smelt wonderful, better then that his usual maids made him.